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virus paintings new (1).JPG

Covid Community, 2020

Digital Painting

This digital painting is a reflection on the current covid-19 situation since it is such a big part of our lives at the moment. The painting looks to interpret and reinforce the government's advice on staying indoors especially during periods of such lovely weather within parts of the UK and perhaps many other countries around the world. The Corona Virus is a product of nature therefore, in the form of a metaphoric tree, the circular shapes that appear to be growing across the painting towards 'our community' are abstracted representations of Covid-19's appearance. The digital approach to constructing this painting is in reference to how the world is operating digitally due to the pandemic.

Just because we can't see the virus doesn't mean it's not there. Just because the sun is out and the sky is blue doesn't mean reality turns into a bad dream. This virus is still out there and it keeps growing day by day. Let us stick together as a community, be each other's hope and protect one another.

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